Misty forest harness
Misty forest harness
Misty forest harness
Misty forest harness
Misty forest harness
Misty forest harness

Misty forest harness

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Handmade in London, UK.

Print designed by talented independent designers across the world.

Digital printed on organic cotton that meet the Oeko-Tex 100 requirements to be free of restricted chemicals.

Padded with premium quality cotton wadding to give a comfy but durable finish. 

Finished with strong nylon webbing, heavy duty hardware of your choice

Wanna stand out from the crowd?

Personalise this harness with your pup’s name on top

Complete this stunning look with matching leash, collar, sailor bow and bow tie.

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When measure, please allow 1-2cm extra for fur adjustment. Measure from the base of your pets neck, not the collar size as the harness sits slightly lower than their collar.

Waist adjustable Style (Fixed Neck)

Size : Neck base measurement | Chest gIrth measurement
Petite : 8" | 10-15"
XS :10" | 12-16"
XS–S : 11.5" | 14–18"
S : 13" | 14–20"
M : 15" | 18–23"
L : 17.5" | 20–26"

Neck base and waist adjustable harness

Size : Neck base measurement | Chest gIrth measurement
Petite : 7–8 "  | 10-15"
XS : 8–10" | 12-16"
XS–S : 10 – 11.5" | 14–18"
S : 11.5 – 13" | 14–20"
M : 13.5 – 15" | 18–23"
L :15.5 – 17.5" | 20–26"
XL : 17 – 19.5" | 22 –30"

Your pup is bigger than the giant size? Custom harness available. Please email to enquire.  


Due to the handmade nature of this item, please note that sizing may vary slightly and as no two cuts of fabric are the same, pattern placement may vary.


Spot clean or hand wash to help your harness to last longer.
While this harness maybe too good to take off, we suggest removing it from rough play dates, sleep time or muddy walkie to avoid excess mud or staining.