Boho Pumpkin Patch Pet Martingale Collar
Boho Pumpkin Patch Pet Martingale Collar
Boho Pumpkin Patch Pet Martingale Collar
Boho Pumpkin Patch Pet Martingale Collar

Boho Pumpkin Patch Pet Martingale Collar

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Boho Pumpkin Patch Dog Martingale Collar - A delightful choice for summer and autumn seasons.

Key Features:

– Martingale style collar that comfortably slips over your dog's head, eliminating the need for a buckle.
– Crafted from premium 100% cotton canvas for durability and comfort.

– Available in rose gold, silver, or solid black metal hardware options.


Please refer to the photo gallery for detailed sizing information. If your dog's neck girth falls between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size for better comfort.

If you require assistance with size measurements, feel free to reach out to us.

Choosing the right size is crucial. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure a proper fit:

1. Measure your dog's neck at the exact spot where the collar will sit.
2. Measure the widest part of their head, typically located just behind the ears.
3. Select a collar size that encompasses both measurements, ensuring a comfortable fit.
4. Keep in mind that these collars lack buckles, so they should easily slip over your hound's head.

5. To measure accurately, use a soft tape measure, allowing you to verify that it goes on and off effortlessly without causing any discomfort to their ears.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of the collar, pattern placement may slightly vary, adding uniqueness to each piece.

Care Instructions:

For optimal maintenance, hand wash the collar and lay it flat to dry. Avoid tumble drying for best results.


It is important to understand that no dog accessory can be considered completely indestructible. As a responsible pet owner, it is your duty to monitor and assess the condition of the collar regularly, taking necessary action if any signs of wear or tear are detected. If needed, please remove the collar from your pet's use. As the shop owner, I cannot assume responsibility for any damages incurred.